Privacy Policy

Your privacy is as important to us as it is to you. That’s why we’ve established a thorough list of our policies on protecting our contributors, which can be found below.

Member Information:

Any information you provide when creating an account and profile, such as your e-mail, password, payment information, and anything else you may have entered into a profile field, will be kept confidential. We will not distribute this information to third parties for compensation or any other reason. It will be used only to afford you the services we describe.

E-mail Address Privacy:

  • We may send you an occasional e-mail or alert regarding a category-specific newsletter. You have the option to unsubscribe at any time.
  • When you subscribe to an e-mail list on our site, we request that you confirm your e-mail address by responding to an automated e-mail that we will send. This protects you from being unknowingly put on e-mail lists that you may not wish to receive.
  • If you use your e-mail to communicate with us or other members on the site, your messages may be kept in order to provide you with the best service quality.
  • When you use our services, you are the client in a business transaction with our company. Thus, we may need to utilize your e-mail to contact you about or provide you with the services we aim to provide.

Name, Address, and Other Personal Information:

  • CopyrightFreeContent does require certain personal information upon signing up. This may be used with other CopyrightFreeContent services or in addition to third party data to give you an ideal user experience.
  • Should a third party servicer assist us in processing your information (for example, payment options), we require that they remain in accordance with our privacy policy.
  • We do employ the use of cookies to gather information about how our services are used and improve them accordingly.
  • Our site may or may not track information such as your IP address, access date, geographical location, or browser type in order to diagnose issues and keep the site user-friendly.
  • Your personal information may be shared in instances of legal matters and when there is a need to prevent suspected fraud.
  • We may ask you to participate in a member/user survey on occasion.


Our site will contain links to outside websites. If you click these links and navigate away from, the new website is not in compliance with our privacy policy. We will do our best to maintain that these user-provided links are safe, but we cannot ensure that all links are legitimate. If you have any concerns, review the privacy policy of the new website prior to interacting. It may also be the case that we track how often those links have been followed and use the information to improve the quality of the website.

Advertising Privacy Policy:

You may see internal and/or third party advertisements on our websites and/or in e-mails. In order to personalize these advertisements to your interests, these companies may use information pertaining to your online activity in order to be as relevant to you as possible. The information they use may include cookies, site visits, geographical location, and more. We do not provide any personal information, such as name or address, to these companies; however, upon clicking an ad, you may be redirected to the provider’s site, and thus visiting under their privacy policy.


At, we do our best to protect the loss, unwanted amendment, or misuse of the data you contribute. This includes regularly undergoing routine maintenance for our databases and having experts on-hand who work with those databases. Security measures are in place to protect you against unauthorized access to your personal information. Only the employees and contractors who necessitate such information in order to properly function and perform our services have access to your account.

Affiliate Information:

If you are an affiliate with CopyrightFreeContent, we will only use your information and tax ID numbers in order to configure commission, adhere to the US tax laws, and maintain our own services.

Website Updates and Alterations:

Should we make any significant changes to our Privacy Policy, you will be notified immediately such that you have ample time to react or opt-out if desired. It is for this reason that you may not choose to opt-out of our e-mail lists entirely; if you have chosen to do so, we comply with your request and refrain from contacting you. It may be a good idea to occasionally review our terms if you have opted out of communication.

Refusal to Provide Information:

You do not have to provide CopyrightFreeContent with any information if you desire. However, this may prevent us from providing you with our services.


We will make every attempt to ensure that no one has access to your personal information if not necessary. However, if we find ourselves in a legal situation, we will need to adhere to the edicts of the law which may require that we disclose your information in order to exercise our legal rights and protect the site’s other users.