When’s the Best Time to Get a New Roof?

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Is it time to replace your old, damaged and/or leaking roof? You probably already concluded the type and color of the roofing material. So now the question is: when should you do it? Of course the best time to replace your roof is when you plan ahead and don’t have a quick and rash decision. But when it comes to replacing or even repairing a roof, scheduling the work can be a hassle. While your own timing is first priority, it’s crucial to take into account other factors that will impact the process as well.

The Busy Season

For the most part, businesses have a slow season and a fast season. The same can be said for roofing contractors. The busiest time of the year for roofing companies is usually the summer and fall months. It is during the winter months when work tends to slow down. Some homeowners find late summer and fall is the ideal time to get a new roof because the rain season is over, the temperatures are cooling down and the weather is more predictable. Workers won’t have to worry about working on your roof and a heavy chance of rain coming down. This can not only be dangerous but costly as well. You want to ensure your roof will be dry during the work process.

The Slow Season

One major advantage to getting a new roof in the winter is whatever company you choose won’t have multiple customers, allowing them to get the job done faster, and making the whole experience less stressful and frustrating on your part. Another advantage is that the price of a roof, materials and supplies may be cheaper during these months. During the slow season competition is higher and companies may drop prices to win as many jobs as they can.

If your roof is just damaged or needs minor repairs, you shouldn’t delay on getting it fixed. Roofing lawsuits can occur if your roofing materials such as your shingles are not secure. TAMKO offers a large selection of quality materials to keep your roof protected and intact.

Call Ahead for an Estimate

Of course, the best time to replace your roof and get the best price from a reputable roofing company is to plan ahead. There are several variables that factor into the cost of a new roof, including the size of the roof, the type of roofing material and the type of roof warranty, among others.

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