Keyboard Trays: Say Goodbye to RSI

November 22, 2013 | Author: | Posted in Health & Fitness

Repetitive strain injury (RSI) is a cumulative trauma disorder. A cumulative trauma disorder usually stems from prolonged and repetitive awkward hand movements. As a result, it damages the muscles, tendons, and nerves of the neck, shoulders, arms, and hands. Unfortunately, this can cause pain, impairment, and even a loss of motor control.

Most people can end up with repetitive strain injury due to typing, writing, and clicking away with a mouse. Hand movements that are repeated each day can eventually strain specific muscles and tendons.

RSI can cause numbness and tingling in the nerves. Tendons can become inflamed and might even punch neighboring nerves. This can produce long-term chronic issues. Unfortunately, RSI can lead to severe neck and back injuries.

Carpal tunnel is another issue that can arise as a result of overusing your hands, wrists, or arms during work for extended periods of time.

When it comes to preventing any instances of RSI or carpal tunnel syndrome, a keyboard tray is an excellent decision.

There are many benefits to a keyboard tray. When a keyboard is placed directly on a desktop, it can create a number of injury risks. When a keyboard is placed on a desktop without a tray, it forces a person to sit in an unnatural and unhealthy way.

With a keyboard tray, you can improve your overall levels of comfort. Wrists can stay straight with your elbows opened slightly beyond a 90°. Your mouse can be supported at hand level which can reduce muscle strain entirely.

Keyboard trays are adjustable devices which attach to your desk. With features such as adjustable height, which is determined by your chair height, you can receive the highest level of comfort for your personalized needs. These keyboards can also tilt at a specific angle where the keyboard is sloping towards you to keep it at a natural wrist position. Keyboard trays can also come with wrist support which is a padded section for while you type. They are designed to provide support during typing breaks.

These days, protecting yourself from receiving any typing related physical problems is extremely important. With a keyboard tray, you can increase your levels of comfort and allow your wrists, hands, arms, and overall posture less tension or stress. Additionally, you will reduce your chances of developing any unwanted back, neck, wrists, arms, or shoulder pain.

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